Our State College Real Estate Client Reviews

This is a big thank you for selling our house and coming through with the promises you made before we listed the house.  As you know, we interviewed several agents and picked you because of your eagerness.  You showed the most interest in very actively advertising – Buyers Guide, local newspaper, and the internet.  The data sheets also made it look attractive, along with having an open house and showing it to other realtors.  You really went against the odds and proved it was a worthwhile effort!  I realize it was not just an ordinary property to sell and you went the extra mile to get it exposed.  We also appreciated the quick responses, via email, telephone, and fax.  If we ever sell, we will give you a call!!!!!

Craig – Warriors Mark, PA

I first contact Emily when my fiancé and I decided that we would be making the move from Boston, MA to State College, PA.  Knowing very little about the area, and even less about the housing market, we knew we had to find someone trustworthy and patient to help us on our housing search.  Emily was the PERFECT agent!

It’s been great working with you on the sale of our townhomes.  Thanks so much for your efforts!  We’ll be sure to contact you if there are more details that need ironed out, or if we need some help with properties in State College in the future.

Erwin Z & Geoffrey Ombao

She is a former teacher who lived in SC since the mid-60s, and is an infinite source of information about each neighborhood, business, and general living in State College.  She is bright, sharp, and amazingly helpful when it comes to house hunting.  She listened to our criteria, and did everything possible to find us the best fit.  After several phone and email conversations, we finally met in person, and amazingly, found our place during our weekend visit to State College.

What a pleasure it was to have Anne Leonard as our realtor!  We listed our home with her and from the very first interaction, she demonstrated kindness and professionalism placing our needs first.  She worked diligently to ensure our home was well advertised to maximize the market.  After careful consideration, our home was priced just right, which brought in multiple offers the first week on the market and we closed $10K above asking price.  She was prompt with all communications, clarifying any questions or concerns, and we felt we were top priority as she guided us throughout the entire process of preparing, staging, listing, selling, and closing on our home.  I highly recommend Anne for all of your real estate needs, she is wonderful!  Thank you Anne!

Rick and Stormi

Emily was pleasant, polite, and trustworthy.  She made my experiences pleasurable, and recommended me to an excellent lender.  She took care of things and was available when I needed her.  I am very pleased.

Christine – State College, PA

Emily stuck with us like glue during the time we looked for the perfect house.  She went the extra mile, consistently bent over backwards to be accommodating and was unfailingly cheerful and upbeat.  She also never minced words with us, and we always felt that she was telling the TRUTH.  We have now purchased our dream house and we would without hesitation recommend Emily to others.  She is ABSOLUTLEY the BEST realtor we have ever worked with.  May all realtors aspire to be as terrific and she is!

Tom and Heidi – Bellefonte, PA

Honestly, I really can’t say enough good things.  Emily is the best – I can’t say anything about selling a home, but if you’re buying, definitely go with Emily!  Five stars all the way!

Jackie V

Emily and Anne were extremely helpful throughout the home buying process.  As first time home buyers coming from out-of-state, it can be a little overwhelming buying a home in such a competitive market.  Emily and Anne were there for us the whole time.  They helped us with everything from scheduling showings, submitting offers, and finally working through closing.  They made sure we understood what was happening and had what we needed.  Thank you Emily and Anne!


We would like to thank you for all the hard work you did and for helping us find the perfect house. We can’t thank you enough.

Greg, Traci, and Henry - Bellefonte, PA

“Thank you so much for your encouragement in helping me find a home. It can be overwhelming at times but you seem to have a way of keeping things calm and making me laugh. Thanks for your help! My sincerest gratitude.”

Angie - State College, PA

Emily was so pleasant, polite, and trustworthy. She made my experiences pleasurable, and recommended me to an excellent lender. She took care of things and was available when I needed her. I am very pleased.

Christine - State College, PA

Emily, thank you for showing your concern and staying in touch. You are such a good realtor. If I ever have to move, you will certainly be my Selling Agent because you are so good! Just wanted you to know that I enjoyed reading your monthly newsletter. The info about decks adding value to your home and cooling methods was especially helpful.

Ron - Howard, PA

You were very efficient and knowledgeable about answering questions during the home-buying process. Your personality was wonderful to work with. You really made this important step in my life go smoothly. Thanks for all your help and advice.

Yolanda- State College, PA


We were so lucky to have you as our agent.  You worked your tail off for us!

Thank you so much,

Lin & Denny


Thank you for all your diligent work which made the sale of my house a smooth and effortless transaction.  Everything you did, from start to finish was done in a most professional manner making selling an effortless task for me.

Thank you so much.


Thanks for all your hard work and dedication in helping me find the right and perfect retirement house.  Your attention to details, from our beginning search through to closing, was so impressive and greatly appreciated.  Assisting me to get clear on what I wanted was the biggest help of all.  Thanks for all your professional assistance in this major decision.  I couldn’t have done it without you!