Buying and Selling Your Home with Emily

Your Schedule Is My Schedule

If you’re relocating to Central PA, you’re likely trying to fit the move into an already busy schedule. Your job and other obligations may mean you can only visit on certain days or meet at specific times, leaving small windows of opportunity.

My goal is always to make things as easy and painless as possible for clients, so I work hard to ensure I am available whenever you are. I will always go the extra mile, and even beyond, to ensure I help clients find their dream homes.

Decades of Experience

I’ve been around State College for over 40 years and a real estate agent for more than 30 of them. Over this time, I’ve learned countless lessons and made just as many memories and mental notes that I can leverage as I help families and individuals find new homes.

My familiarity with State College’s real estate market has helped countless customers save both time and money in their relocation process, and I’m confident I can do the same for you. Additionally, my experience as a teacher and travels as a paid singer have equipped me with the ability to think outside the box, which often comes in handy.

State College & Central PA

A Personal Touch

My goal isn’t just to find a suitable house for you. I work very hard to help you find the perfect house, in your ideal neighborhood, at the right price. Most real estate companies and agents treat this like the job that it is, but it truly has become a passion for me. If home is where the heart is, then it must take a real estate agent with heart to help you get there.

I take a vested interest in all of my clients, and I think it shows in the results. Finding a home is a personal experience so, if you’re relocating to Central PA, make sure you choose a real estate agent that offers a personal touch.